• Feb. 11 2015
    With plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in underserved neighborhoods, the city-funded land-use nonprofit Civic San Diego has faced one major question: What are the agencys priorities? 
  • Feb. 4 2015
    How much will it cost to get the Desert Line up and running? And is the private company thats holding the government contract to complete it up to the task?
  • March 25 2015
    Amid calls to investigate the legality of the city-controlled nonprofit Civic San Diego, a memo has surfaced, raising questions about how officials delegate power to the land-use agency
  • March 25 2015
    Paul Greenwood doesnt want to be one of only a few elder-abuse experts, so he trains other attorneys on a national basis. The elder-abuse crime rate is growing, he says, and is expected to continue to...
  • March 18 2015
    When it comes to life-threatening emergencies, such as a stroke or cardiac arrest, a patients chance of survival can be measured by how fast she or he gets to a hospital, often down to the second
  • March 5 2015
    Im tired of living in a trashcan, uptown resident Laura Levine told members of the San Diego City Council's Environment Committee at their meeting on Wednesday. I go out on Sundays with my broom and my...
  • March 6 2015
    The city-funded nonprofit Civic San Diego plans, permits and approves land development Downtown. While the mayor and City Council appoint the agency’s board members, elected officials have virtually...
  • March 11 2015
    Flanked by regional labor leaders, Gonzalez told a small crowd that her bill, AB 504, would require the San Diego City Council to approve land-use decisions made by Civic San Diego—the city-funded...