When I was growing up, my mom had a quirky little needlepoint sign in the kitchen that read, Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.
Shrubsbasically fermented fruithave roots in the practical realities of pre-industrial, agrarian life: Whaddaya do when you want some berries in the winter and you don't have a freezer? You ferment...
Oct. 15 2013
For those looking to perfect that bombproof dyno, there are two climbing gyms in San Diego that stand out as the best places to train in between those weekend trips to Joshua Tree
Oct. 15 2013
Finding a good stylist is just as hard as finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, only more important because they dictate how good or how busted you'll look
You know that awkward teen stage when your nose grows into its adult size while your face is still back in grade school? That's sort of where the College Area / El Cerrito / Rolando is right now
awkward 7-2-14
I like beer as much as the next functioning alcoholic, but sometimes San Diego's craft scene feels like the veiny blob at the end of Akiraencompassing and swallowing everything in its path
I was sitting in my underwear drinking wine out of a coffee mug when I heard the news. The damned Mayans were right. Were all goners in a day
Going to the drive-in has become one of our favorite date-night activities because there's actually little movie-watching happening (easy there)
Listen folks, you don't get your own hubris-infusing column by being book-smart. In this biz, quick-wittedness, perseverance, the ability to create emotionally driven headlines andto a much lesser extentthe...
Oct. 21 2014
Here's the best part, though: Donut Panic sometimes books live music. So, if you ever thought all-ages shows were missing something, you were absolutely right: Doughnuts