Once he agreed to meet me for drinks, Mayor Kevin Faulconer didn't take long to choose a bar. He picked Sessions Public, the craft-beer-focused Point Loma Heights eatery owned by Abel Kaase.
"Yeah, bourbon will kick your ass if you stay with it too long," Mark Sauer told me, sitting at a table at K'nB Wine Cellars in Del Cerro
Mike Sager the kind of hardworking, no-bullshit kind of Esquire man who enjoys an expensive cocktail in an upscale place like Beaumont's, just not in a fancy glass
Sam Ollinger has her "Don't bother me" face down pat. It's a look that lots of people have in their arsenal to intimidate any potential chatterbox that seems hell-bent on ruining a perfectly lovel
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We journalists are lucky. Because we buy ink by the barrel, as the old saying goes, interesting or well-known people agree to hang out with us. Can you imagine inviting TV weather anchor Dagmar Midcap...
Tracy Borkum's Urban Kitchen Group owns Cucina Urbana and Fish Public (and their predecessors, Laurel and Kensington Grill), as well as two Cucina Enotecas, with a third to come.
Oct. 21 2014
Celebrating a year in business in November, Border X is the brainchild of brothers Martin and Marcel Ivan Favela; their dad, Marcelino Favela; and their uncle, David Favela. Martin and Marcel...
Oct. 21 2014
Since opening in 2011, Richie Ditta's been the face behind Brooklyn Bicycles (3437 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights) and hes earned a reputation for high accountability and honest work.
10-16 best old fashioned
Yeah, it was Don Draper who convinced me to make the Old Fashioned my drink of choiceI admit it. Bourbon or rye, bitters, a sweetener and the essence of lemon or orange: so simple, so smooth, so tasty...
Should the world deteriorate into chaos due to the inevitable end of days, I fancy myself tying on a bandana, arming myself with automatic weaponry and galvanizing the charge to do whatever it takes to...