awkward 7-30-14
A real Mormon. The term seared in the part of my brain that hasn't been contaminated by vices, the section that will persevere no matter how much nudity, booze and horror I cram in there
A couple years ago, when my partner told me she was pregnant, I let loose a joyful laugh. She looked so nervous, but all I could think was, Our little familys going to be so hip
Craig Oliver was the first person I approached to show me genuinely scary places in San Diego. I'm not talking about touristy haunts like The Whaley House or the Hotel Del, but places of legend that don't...
San Diego DESIGN Film Festival is happening from Oct. 9 through 12 at various Downtown and Balboa Park venues, but screenings leading up to the big event include From Nothing, Something
Mr. Xtreme greets me with a firm handshake. Hes short but built like a football linebacker. He wears a green helmet and body armor accentuated by a yellow XJL flag that flows beautifully, majestically...
Oct. 17 2012
My ideal final day would be spent living as if the world had already ended. Perhaps theres no escaping the comets, nuclear explosions and Stay Puft marshmallow men, but theres always that glaring what...
Oct. 21 2014
Opened in 1954 by then-owner Alan Urich, Alans Music (8510 La Mesa Blvd.) is a more casual, friendly alternative to mega-chain instrument retail, and one thats remained in the family for 60 years
Oct. 21 2014
George and Samia Salameh dreamed of owning a restaurant with food from their homeland of Lebanon, and good for us that they made that dream come true
The hangover should've been an omen. Or, perhaps it was the fact that the couple in the neighboring room was rehearsing a play at 9 a.m.both seemed to be shouting their lines in a Mr. DNA-from-Jurassic...
Form fits function with local architect Hector Perez's live-work apartment complex in Barrio Logan. The projectknown as La Esquina (The Corner)feels hip with clean, modern lines and practical,...