May 5 2015 06:48 PM

The Redwoods Music issuing first album in July

Birdy Bardot

Members of The Heavy Guilt and Transfer have just launched a new record label. Matt Molarius of Transfer, and Al Howard and Josh Rice of The Heavy Guilt just announced the creation of their new imprint, The Redwoods Music, which will be the new home for each musician's various musical projects. 

The label's first release was a 7-inch single of The Midnight Pine's "Caution," which came out on Record Store Day (April 18). And the next release will be the debut album by Birdy Bardot, which will coincide with a record-release show on July 3 at The Casbah. And in the future, the label will issue what Howard describes in a phone interview as "limited edition, creatively artistic stuff" from the founders' other projects.

"We just realized, between the three of us, we have all these projects," Howard says. "There are so many overlapping members, and anyway, we just wanted to give it all a home." 

Howard says that The Redwoods plans to issue at least four releases a year. The label also just released a sampler that should give listeners some indication of what to expect, including songs from Creature and the Woods, Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact, Erik Canzona and Lion and the Lady.

In addition to music, Redwoods will also host a regular podcast featuring music and stories from different artists on the label. The idea for the podcast came about from a non-musical project that Howard undertook last year.

"I released a book, The Autobiography of No One, and people were saying that I should do an audio book," he says. "I've always been fascinated with story tellers, and the only thing I listen to on the radio is NPR. So, it just made sense to do a podcast, and we'd tell stories and play some of our songs."

The first Redwoods podcast and label sampler are available at

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