April 21 2015 05:41 PM

We ask bands what songs they never want to hear again


This is a recurring feature in which we ask musicians to name a song they never want to hear again.

Will Lerner, Shake Before Us: "The Time (The Dirty Bit)" by Black Eyed Peas. "Just a monstrosity that never needs to rear its head again. Everything is a mess: the production, arrangement, the rapped verses/sung choruses. It seems like they were on a lot of coke and thought a bunch of stupid studio tricks (oh mercy, can we please outlaw Auto-tune?) and a sappy chorus would make a cohesive dance track."

Rachel Enyeart, Chica Diabla: "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith. "The reason is, A, it's possibly the most annoying chorus ever written, and B, it was performed by a child who is supposedly so intelligent and beyond her years that she is regarded as an 'indigo child' and this is the best she could do? Spare me."

Shae Moseley, Speaker in Reverse: "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by The Eagles. "This song gives me the polar opposite of a peaceful easy feeling. While plenty of quality classic rock and country tracks line the halls of my early musical memories, these douche nozzles (Joe Walsh, you get a pass) never seemed to be able to do either very well. The song's level of 'meh' is downright insulting. It was always easy for me to sympathize with The Dude on this one."

Blaine Factor, Age of Collapse: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. "My friend's mom told me when I was younger that she couldn't stand hearing The Eagles' 'Hotel California.' Not because it was a particularly bad song, but that it had been played to extreme exhaustion since she was a teenager. 'Teen Spirit' is the 'Hotel California' of my generation."

Tim Felten, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble: "Barbra Streisand" by Duck Sauce. "There's so much great, soulful music with substance to listen to. It's just soulless and meaningless techno pop."

Jordan Krimston, Big Bad Buffalo: "I Won" by Future and Kanye West. "Lyrics don't get much more misogynistic or materialistic than this. In addition to the weak lyrics, Future's vocal delivery is hardly coherent by itself, let alone with all the Auto-tune he doused them in. Sometimes they kind of sound like the 'whale-call' noises that Sigur Ros might throw into one of their songs, but in horrible context. Kanye's feature doesn't help, either. This could possibly be the worst song of the decade."

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