April 21 2015 05:28 PM

Band schedules one-time reunion show at Kensington Club

John Lee of aMiniature
Photo by Regular Daddy

AMiniature are getting ready to play their first show in three years. The group's last show together was in 2012, for Live Wire's 20th anniversary, and the first time the band performed since 1997. Bill Perrine, director of the San Diego music documentary It's Gonna Blow!, helped organize the upcoming show. Frontman John Lee, who lives in Seoul, South Korea, says in a phone interview that more than anything, the show is just old friends getting back together.

"It's a great excuse to hang out in San Diego," he says. "I haven't been back to the states since the last show."

The band is Lee, guitarist Tony Rotter, bass player Dave Jass and drummer Dave West. West and Jass both live in Minneapolis, so geography has made rehearsing difficult. Lee says everyone has been rehearsing separately, and they're going to get together for one session before the show to hammer out the set. He says they're "just going to kind of wing it."

The set will include some material from an album aMiniature never released, along with tracks from their three studio albums.

"It's going to be a mix," he says. "We'll play some of the old hits... and some of them will be songs from the unreleased record. We were never really that popular, but people should recognize about half the set." 

Lee says there's no real money in reuniting aMiniature, but camaraderie between longtime pals is reward enough. 

"These guys are the closest I have to brothers," he says. 

AMiniature will perform on Friday, April 24, at the Kensington Club with Lunar Maps and Mayonnaise Fire.

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