April 14 2015 07:24 PM

Garage rockers cross the pond for 10-date jaunt

Shake Before Us

Shake Before Us are headed to Europe. The garage-psych band are making a trip across the Atlantic for the first time, and will be playing a 10-date tour—including dates with garage-rock heroes Gories and psychedelic outfit Warlocks—which culminates with the Cosmic Thing Festival in France on May 16.

Keyboardist Will Lerner says in a phone interview with CityBeat that the tour came about not through the band's efforts, but because they got an offer they couldn't pass up.

"We had an idea that Europe might dig us, but we didn't really pursue it," Lerner says. "There's a pretty cool garage-psych festival, called the Cosmic Trip Festival, and we were approached by the organizer."

The festival organizer, Fred Rollercoaster, plays saxophone with King Khan and the Shrines, who's shared a stage with Shake Before Us in San Diego. Rollercoaster connected the band with a booking agent, who was able to help them set up shows in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. 

For Shake Before Us, this trip will not just be the farthest they've traveled to play a show; it's also the longest tour they've ever booked.

"Honestly, we haven't done that much touring," Lerner says. "We've gone to Vegas, L.A., and we've done a couple of three-day trips to San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento."

Lerner says that the cost of the flights, plus renting a backline for the 10 dates, takes out a chunk of their guarantee, but making a quick buck isn't necessarily the band's motivation for going. Lerner hopes that it's just the first of what could become many trips across the pond.

"We hope it will lead to other things," he says. "Friends of ours who have done this say that the first time is the roughest. It's a pretty exciting opportunity. We can't wait for the experience."

Shake Before Us' European tour kicks off on May 10 in Trento, Italy, at Angelo Dei 33. 

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