April 7 2015 07:10 PM

A round-up of new San Diego releases now streaming


If you search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semiregular column, we sift through recent postings and report on our findings.

Limited by Infinity
by Future Age:
Future Age use the tags "acoustic" and "grunge," which are two things that rarely go together (see: Days of the New, Seven Mary Three). But Limited by Infinity is neither, really. The EP sounds a lot more like Smashing Pumpkins' "Mayonaise" (one of their best tracks, easily), or some of the dreamier tracks from Failure's Fantastic Planet. It's definitely got some shades of the '90s, but it doesn't sound dated in the slightest.

Left Overs Vol. 5 by Mr. Brady: Despite being titled Left Overs Vol. 5, this set of tracks by local MC Mr. Brady is a pretty strong collection of artful raps juxtaposed with a wide selection of beats, which range from booming electronic sounds to the crackly sample style of Madlib. Some of it is pretty lo-fi, but that only adds to the warm, underground charm. 

Boundary by Undercurrent: This two-track release—essentially a 7-inch single—is all hardcore intensity, melodic emo textures and the occasional rush of black-metal fire. Undercurrent recall the early '90s era of screamo, when bands like Swing Kids and Heroin were destroying stages. I'm always interested in hearing bands that can balance intensity with great songwriting, and Undercurrent definitely has my attention.

This is Pizza Boy by Pizza Boy: I couldn't resist sampling a release by someone who calls himself Pizza Boy, and I'm definitely not disappointed. Pizza Boy delivers (pun not intended) emotionally charged, personal rap verses over lush, psychedelic beats that sound like Prefuse 73 in his prime. I don't want to call it "emo rap," but that's sort of what it is—and it's good!

Demo(n)s by Otherways: OK, first of all, I can barely read anything on this band's Bandcamp page; teal on purple is just painful to the eyes. But the music is admittedly pretty interesting. It's full of hazy, gothic guitar textures, with some distorted vocals on top. Otherways still have a ways to go before perfecting this sound, but there are definitely some interesting ideas here.

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