March 31 2015 06:10 PM

Feed The Ape, Freak Bologna and other bands you’d be a fool to miss


Two weeks ago, we treated our readers to the annual Great Demo Review, which featured reviews of 122 demos from local bands, including eight we called EXTRASPECIALGOOD. But we didn't get around to highlighting all the new bands in town, and here are seven more to look out for in 2015:

The Canterbury Manor Groovetacular: Who's ready for some steam-funk? Strap on those comically oversized goggles, fasten that leather aviation helmet, and feel the anachronistic grooves as Canterbury Manor takes you back to the 1880s. 

Feed the Ape: There's a noise coming from North County, and its name is Feed the Ape. Not much is known about this band, since its members all wear gorilla masks when performing. Their signature punk anthem, "Feed the Ape," is catchy. Sing along: "Feed! The! Ape!" 

Freak Bologna: Freak Bologna aren't the first band to combine indie-rock and jam-band noodling, but these mellow dudes can definitely outjam Dirty Projectors or Animal Collective. Even more impressive is their 20-minute lunchmeat medley of Fear's "Beef Bologna" and Scritti Politti's "Skank Bloc Bologna," which you can hear them play on this summer's B.O.R.D.E. tour.

Searching for Meaning and Hope Against Insurmountable Odds: Searching for Meaning, or SFMAHAIO for short, might be an emo revival band, or, they might be a post-rock band. It's really hard to tell over the sound of everyone crying at their shows.

BxGGZz: The hottest band in the up-and-coming trash-core scene, BxGGZz (pronounced "bxggzz") make one hell of a racket. It's hard to tell if there are any melodies underneath, but this duo can definitely sling some trash.

Takin' It 2ne the Streets: You might be asking yourself why anyone would listen to a chiptune Doobie Brothers cover band. I can only respond, "Why wouldn't you?" Their take on "What a Fool Believes" is surprisingly soulful for being patched together from Gameboy samples.

Wretched Mortification: To date, death-metal outfit Wretched Mortification has only one song, the 45-minute "Decapitory Retribution Suite." Man, it's a brutal 45 minutes. They're reportedly working on their second song, "Decapitory Retribution Suite Part II," which is the second in a 666-part series.

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