March 3 2015 05:09 PM

Coliseum, Howlin Rain, Hot Nerds and all the other shows we’re stoked about this week

Howlin’ Rain

Wednesday, March 4

PLAN A: Swervedriver, Gateway Drugs @ The Casbah. Shoegaze icons Swervedriver are releasing their new album, I Wasn't Born to Lose You, this week—their first in 17 years—and it's better than it should be for a band that took two decades off. I've been waiting for them to return to the stage for a while, and you better believe I'll be singing along to "Last Train to Satansville." PLAN B: Spirit Club, Other Bodies, Wizard Woes, Chill Pill @ The Hideout. I'm not the biggest fan of Wavves, but Nathan Williams' new project, Spirit Club, is impressing me more than I expected. It's a little less snotty, a little more dreamy, with plenty of great melodies to spare. Sounds like Williams is growing up nicely. BACKUP PLAN: Broods @ The Irenic.

Thursday, March 5

PLAN A: Enslaved, Yob, Ecstatic Vision, Griever @ Brick by Brick. If you missed Ben Salmon's feature on Yob in last week's issue, go back and read about the mystical, epic, Oregon-based doom-metal band. Their songs are long enough that they can probably play only three in a set, but it'll be worth it. And stick around for prog / black-metal titans Enslaved. PLAN B: Kim and the Created, Amerikan Bear, Emerald Rats, Subtropics @ The Hideout. I caught L.A.'s Kim and the Created last month at the winter San Diego Freak Out, and they were a whole lot of fun. They're a little punk and a little psychedelic, and they wear some colorful outfits. 

Friday, March 6

PLAN A: Coliseum, Dangers, Quali @ The Hideout. Coliseum are heavy, but they're not exactly a metal band. And while the Louisville trio are loud and fast, they're not really a punk band, either. They're caught somewhere in between, with some moody, atmospheric tones to balance it all out. Having seen them before, I can confirm that they totally kick ass live. PLAN B: Hot Nerds, Qui, Victis, DJ Mike Delgado @ Soda Bar. Hot Nerds are a furious and spastic addition to the Three One G records lineup, and they've got a new album dropping, full of manic synth-punk freakouts. Read my review here. BACKUP PLAN: Eleanor Friedberger, Bit Maps @ The Whistle Stop.

Saturday, March 7

PLAN A: Cheap Girls, Restorations, Chris Farren, Hard Girls @ The Hideout. Read my feature this week on Philadelphia's Restorations, who play a Fugazi-influenced style of punk rock with the heart and earnestness of Bruce Springsteen. If you haven't heard them, go listen to their new album LP3 on repeat for a while, memorize the words to "Separate Songs," and then you'll be sufficiently stoked. PLAN A-2: Viet Cong, Freak Heat Waves, DJ Craig Oliver @ Soda Bar. I can't in good conscience call this a Plan B, because I, myself, intend to go to both. Viet Cong features former members of Calgary noise-pop group Women, only in this incarnation, they've got a greater attention to pop songwriting, meatier production, and more than a little influence from the likes of This Heat, The Jesus and Mary Chain and other U.K. post-punk acts. They're pretty new, but they're awesome. BACKUP PLAN: Agent Orange, Death Eyes, Sculpins, Records with Roger @ The Casbah.

Sunday, March 8

PLAN A: Beta Lion, The Most Best, Seasons, Mariel @ Soda Bar. Sunday seems like a good night to catch up on some local music, no? Beta Lion is one band to check out; their Written in Sand EP from last year has both grungy garage tunes and moody indie pop, and that sounds to me like a good way to close out the week.

Monday, March 9

PLAN A: Be Forest, Tennis System @ The Hideout. Italy's Be Forest are young, but there's a gloomy shoegaze-and-dream-pop aesthetic to their music that might take you back to the early '90s. In fact, they opened for Slowdive at one of the band's reunion shows in Italy, so that should tell you a lot right there. Dress in black and vibe out. BACKUP PLAN: Black Pussy, Loom, Red Wizard @ Soda Bar.

Tuesday, March 10

PLAN A: Howliní Rain, The Blank Tapes, The Shelters @ The Casbah. Howlin' Rain have a catalog full of '70s-style records that range from heavy psych in the vein of Blue Cheer to more easy-going Laurel Canyon folk pop. New album Mansion Songs seems to lean more toward the latter, and that's just fine. Whether they're playing acid jams or dad rock, Howlin' Rain pull it off nicely.

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