Oct. 29 2014 09:38 AM

Bring it with you on Nov. 4

ScottPeters by Dave
Scott Peters
Photo by David Rolland
Many of the races on the Nov. 4 ballot won’t be close. Other than state superintendent of public instruction and maybe secretary of state, all the statewide offices at the top of the ballot are pretty much foregone conclusions (but don’t let that stop you from voting in them). Likewise, it’s no mystery who’ll win each of the state Assembly and Senate races and four out of the five congressional seats.

The Scott Peters / Carl DeMaio grudge match for the 52nd Congressional District is capturing all the attention. DeMaio is a walking controversy magnet who’d bring shame and embarrassment to San Diego. We predicted scandal for Bob Filner even as we endorsed him for mayor in 2012; we’re predicting it again should DeMaio win. This isn’t hyperbole: DeMaio is a textbook sociopath. If you live in the district, you can stop him. Conversely, Peters is sensible, sane and tailor-made for the 52nd.

Two of the more obscure items are two very important ones: Superior Court judge (vote for Brad Weinreb) and San Diego Community College, District A (pick Maria Nieto Senour, please).

And then there’s the San Diego City Council, whose soul hangs in the balance in District 6 (which overlaps with the 52nd Congressional District, so folks in that area are tremendously important). Chris Cate recently moved to San Diego just to give the city’s powerful business lobby another Kevin Faulconer sidekick. We strongly urge you to vote for Carol Kim.

If you’re still an Election Day voter, clip out this guide and take it with you: