June 5 2013 11:32 AM

Plus, Pall Jenkins is working on a track with Rafael Reyes

The Black Heart Procession
Chris Woo

Don’t expect to hear new music from indie-rock gloom merchants The Black Heart Procession any time soon. Black Heart main man Pall Jenkins says he and co-frontman Tobias Nathaniel have put the band to bed.

“After years of touring and traveling and focusing on music, we decided just to kind of put an end to it for a while,” Jenkins tells CityBeat. “We kinda just told our booking agents and labels that, you know, we were basically done.”

They’ve never made a public announcement about the split, but they’ve been inactive for at least a year. Still, they’ve gone on long breaks before and might eventually return. Jenkins, who now lives in Portland, says he’s still great friends with Nathaniel, and they sometimes talk about doing a new record.

“Three Mile Pilot was the same way,” Jenkins says. “We quit playing music together for 10 years, and then we did another record.”

In other news, Jenkins is now pairing with Rafael Reyes of the “occult-wave” synth-pop outfit VAMPIRE to write a song. Reyes says he recently went into the studio to lay down some moody keyboard, drum and vocal parts and emailed the track to Jenkins for him to work on.

Reyes calls the collaboration The Sons of the Moon.

“For me to be working with Pall, it’s like a dream come true,” he says, noting Jenkins’ pedigree as a veteran songwriter and master of dark vibes. “Sometimes I have to pinch myself.”

The feeling’s mutual.

“Rafa’s always had a great kind of strength and magic to himself,” Jenkins says. “I wanted to taste some of his magic there myself.”

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